August 10th, 2003



I've always been rather ambivalent about snuggling on the net. Sure, it's sweet and all, but the person isn't actually there, and all too often text-only virtual snuggles have the effect of reminding me how much I miss the real thing.

But just now I'm content with the way things are. It's still not as good, but, well, it's certainly better than nothing. At least I know that there's somebody out there who cares.
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    Helium Vola- Begirlich In Dem Hertzen Mein

So I really want to babble today...

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Why am I in such a philosophical mood of late? I've meandered on in LJ and over at my forum... but I just can't manage to discuss things like this in person, or even one-on-one in chats very often. Why can I always find the words for soliloquy and never for conversation? I guess I'm just not a verbal person. I have a hard time expressing myself so often. And yet I sit down to write, and it just flows. *sighs*

The song, by the way, is in there becuase I love that song, and because it says something else about why I can't come up with the right words... when something really matters to me, when there's somebody I care about, it's just that much harder. I should be able to trust, but it's hard. Talking about relationships is dificult. Saying how you feel is one of the hardest things to say, whether what you want to say is "I love you" or "I'm sorry, I don't."

There are only one or two people out there that I've discussed any of the things that really mean anything to me with. I guess to you I have to say thanks for being there.
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