August 20th, 2003


What's up Doc?

I feel like rambling on a bit today. Not sure what about, guess I'll find out as I go. One big thing in my life now though is the change of jobs. I'm in the middle of this, which just now means I'm working them both. As they're both part-time, I know I can't get any real sob stories out of working two jobs, but darn it, when one of them involved entertaining small, hyper kids and the other involves polishing Health Care Examination rooms, well, that's enough to really wear me out. Especially today. Whoever invented the little cheapy watercolors for children (as opposed to the nifty ones meant for serious artists) needs to be shot. I was in the ARt GArden today, which have to admit I love, and our project today involved a.) watercolors, which are very, very messy, b.) cutting out stencil shapes, which scatters little bits of paper everywhere, and c.) glue sticks, which means blobs of glue all over, as small chidren are incapable of being neat with them. I cleaned up up after the messes all day long. Gaaaaaaaa! However, it was still mostly fun.

And at job 2 today there were a.) no suspicious yellow stains in the lab where they handle samples, and b.) no need to clean about half of the 24 examination rooms as they hadn't been used today. I started saying "Huzzah!" every time I found a new room unused. I said it softly, mind, as I didn't want any of the doctors staying late to think they were in the presence of a dangerously deranged individual. (Which I'm not. Deranged yes, dangerously, no.) Anyhow, I got off early, and as I no longer desperately need more hours, this is a good thing. Yay!

Also nifty is the fact that I may be getting a car. The junk heap didn't pass inspection for the fouth or fifth time, so I didn't get to keep it, but I didn't want it. Grandpa, who was responsible for the ugly lemon in the first place, sold it to somebody else, and now Dad has found me a thing that is already leagal and runs very good. A bit more expensive, I'd have to get a loan and finance and all that, but not too bad. As I'm moving out of my apartment and won't have rent after next month, I think I can cope with a car payment.

Guess that's the news for now. </ramble>
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Mmmm, heat...

I live in the desert. I'm acclimatized to ridiculous heat. Everyone was talking about how hot Sacramento in the summer would be for BC, but as anybody who was there can probably tell you, I spent most of the time perfectly comfortable and laughing at everyone else as they sweated.

Anyhow, something reminded me today of just how hot it really does get around here...

Fishy left a package of pop-tarts behind when he went. Normally I do not eat pop-tarts as they aren't good cold, I lack a toaster, and they aren't really anything to write home about hot either. But this morning I was in a hurry, as I'd hit the snooze a few times too many and had to get to work fast. So I grabbed them. Work isn't far, so I had just eaten one when I got there, and I figured that'd keep body and soul together until lunch. So I left the other, in the little foil wrapper, in my van. In the sun. Guess what happened? When I went out for lunch and grabbed the other pop-tart, it was toasted! I'm not kidding! Still a bit soft in the middle, but completely toasted around the edges. Turning golden-brown and everything. I started laughing. Then I ate it anyhow. Still not anything to write home about, but good enough, and most amusing.
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