September 4th, 2003


Big, fancy, hoity-toity, high-falutin' Gala.

So tomorrow is the Treehouse Gala. For those of you who don't know, the Treehouse Children's Museum is a nifty-neat place in Ogden dedicated to literacy and entertainment for kids. It is most fun. I happen to work there, the best job I've ever had, and this week it feels like that's all I'm doing. Especially the next couple of days.

Today I go back in an hour and a half to finish hauling all the stuff we've been getting ready over to where the gala is at, and then tomorrow I show up bright and realy (8:30 am!) to start setting up. Gala begins at 5pm, and will get over about 9pm, then clean up that night till 11 and more clean up and reorganization of stuff on Saturday for when the museum reopens on Monday. Gah! If I didn't love this job I'd be going nuts. As it is, I'm going to get one big paycheck next time...

Won't be on-line at all tomorrow of course. I'm going to go home and colapse. I should be around Saturday evening though. I'll have time to catch a nap after we finish up, and still be on.
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    Pink Floyd- We Don't Need No Education.