September 6th, 2003



The gala is over, hurrah! I got home just before midnight last night and it was all I could do to climb into bed. (Literally, I almost couldn't lift my feet high enough to climb the ladder up to the top bunk.) I worked 15 hours without a real break, other than a few minutes for lunch. Gah. I could have about killed to have somebody around who could have given me a backrub by the time it was over. And a footrub too, come to think of it. Heels are torture devices, I swear...

It was fun though. Rich people are weird, especially around here. Somebody shelled out almost two thousand bucks for a "commemorative shotgun," and yet hardly anybody bid on the original Lladro sculpture from Spain, and it was beautiful.

I actually bid on something in the silent auction. They had this nifty stained glass thing that started off in my price range, but I got outbid right away. Speaking of which, I see the war has been resumed again... he he. Oh, and also speaking of which, I got outbid at the last second on a copy of "Tacky the Penguin" Bob, so for now at least you're off the hook. *grin*

In other news, I gave in a bought a new CD. Evanscence. And ooooo is it good. Also... having read the little book, and listened to the words, I am freaked out a bit by how much some of the songs talk about things that I've thought. Now I have somebody else to quote, along with Billy Joel, when I'm feeling in the mood to express myself through song quotes. And for some reason at least half of them remind me of Aidan...
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...When I first heard this song I was litterally forzen in place by it, totally mesmerized. This is me. This is who and what I am. Scary.
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