September 9th, 2003


Empty skies.

I was at work today and I stopped to read a book. It's rather expected on slow days, since they like the staff to be familiar with all the chidren's books there. It was a book called "I'm in Charge of Celebrations," and it was about a girl who lived in the desert, and would laugh when people asked if she was lonely there.

I've thought a lot about the desert lately, and reading that made me realize, I'm homesick. I miss the real desert so much. Where I live now is still technically desert, but there's smog during the day and at night you can't see the stars becuase of the city lights. And when I hike the hills here there are always human footprints before me.

I want to live many places. I want to live in SanFrancisco, to travel the world, to go back to Ireland and maybe live there again for a while. But in the end I want to go back to the desert. It's the place I really think of as home, where the sky is a perfectly empty blue and the stars are brilliant at night.

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So the conversation in #fleet has given me the odd urge to attempt to list and categorize as many of my personas as I can find running around in here. *taps head*

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