September 20th, 2003


Busy day

So today I forgot I was working. I don't normally work Saturdays, but today there was a festival and Treehouse had a booth. We were doing pumpkin decorating with the kids there. They needed extra hands to leave some people in the museum and still have enough to man the booth. So I got a phone call about 12:15 reminding me I was supposed to be there at noon. Oops.

fortunately the Treehouse people are quite understanding, so I didn't get into trouble. I turned up down on 25th, the historic downtown district, and had a lot of fun. Poked about the festival a bit on break, though it wasn't really all that great.

Then I was reminded of something else I'd forgotten, that my ward was doing a luau tonight. I almost didn't go, but decided to in the end. It was okay. *shrugs*

And now I'm back. Huzzah.
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Oh, and my battery STILL HASN'T COME!!!!!! Grrr...
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