September 28th, 2003



I can usually cope with the way God did things. Believing in an afterlife I can accept that death happens, and it's not really anything to fear. Knowing that we're the authors of most of it, I can deal with the fact that there's misery and hate in the world. And knowing that the bitter makes the sweet moments so much sweeter, I can be just fine with the fact that God lets it all happen.

I can deal with annoying stingy bugs, and the way roses have thorns and all the little irritants, becuase roeses are prettier that way really, and it all fits into the way nature works.

But one thing always makes me ask, "why?!"

Why oh why did God have to make women so that they bleed messily with bits of themselves all over, and cramps, and gaaaaah.... why?!!! Wasn't there some better way to do this?

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