September 30th, 2003


A day in the life...

Today's events:

Woke up, had breakfast, went to work. Noodled about there and did nothing much for a bit.

Then I got told that the gal who normally does the informative talk with tour groups wasn't there, and the back-up had to do something else. So guess who got elected? I think I did good for my first time. The tour was our fairy-tale tour, so the info was all about midieval times, about which I know much. So I was able to spout on about it for 15 minutes, and then had fun doing a dramatic reading of "Sir Gawain and the Loathly Damsel" for the little tykes. Fun!

Got off work and stopped by the post office on the way home. Insidious package number 1 is in the mail. *grin* Insidious packages numbers 2 and 3 are being delayed a bit...

Played two rounds of DDR just for fun, as the mall is right next to the post office. Beat Max 300 again and then got creamed by Wakka Lakka. How embarassing...

DDR was a mistake though because when I got home I was too beat to mow the lawn. Took a nap instead, and ended up mowing in the dark. Oops.

Then a shower, all clean and citrusy smelling. And now here to internet-land.

And eventually to bed.

The End.
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