October 17th, 2003


Dead kitty.

I'm ready to just fall over. This has been the longest day... It began faaaaaaar too early. I got a call last night from an old boy friend. Turns out he was passing through Ogden and wanted to say hi, have me meet his new girl, and ramble on about the good old days. So I gave in to having breakfast with him, as morning was the only time he'd ben in town. So, off to Denny's at 7 am. Too early. Far, far too early.

Then I had my regular shift at the Treehouse, 9:30 am. to 4 pm. That was pretty tiring too. It was a busy day! I kept pretty well occupied. And /then/ I got into costume and got ready for the next week of our Haloween activity at work. So from 4 to 8 being a happy, cheery, enthusiastic Knight Of Treehouse, helping kids find that annoying dragon. Fun, yes. But very tiring.

So, a bit of on-line chatter to relax, and then collpase into bed. Yes... sleep... and I get to rise and shine before noon tomorrow and do the Knight gig again. whee.
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