November 10th, 2003


More ramblings

So I'm thinking of putting off my return to the world of education one more semester. Why? Several reasons. One, sheer lazyness. I have to do a whole lot of stuff to come back, and I don't really want to start doing any of it yet, but it needs to be done now.

More importantly though... much as I say I'm tired of school taking so long, I don't really mind taking another two full years to finish. It doesn't bother me. I like my classes, and looking into the future, well, I've got nothing else that I'll be doing in those two years. Any big life changes (read marriage and kids,) are almost certainly going to be father off than that. And frankly, my last semester was a joke. I actually failed two classes. Me, the Great Brain, failing not one, but two classes! I was burnt out. This semester has been so wonderfully relaxing. I love working at the Treehouse, it's great, and I'm saving money. And ,not having to devote all my time to school, I can do all those little things, like my writing, or the current Operation SC, that never would have gotten done otherwise. And if I go back before I'm ready, it'll be like that again. I'll be forcing myself into it, and I'll end up with more bad grades, so I'll just have to take those classes over, and I might as well not have bothered.

I haven't decided for sure yet, but the longer I don't decide to do it, the more likely it is I won't.

Hey, I can graduate at the end of 2006. Nothing wrong with that. It'll make it an even decade after high school. (Class of '96) Ten years to get a four year degree. That's actually kind of sad...
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(insert evil laugh here)

Operation SC, phase one: intelligence gathering, complete.

Phase two: construction, partially complete.

Phase three: final perpartions, begun.

Phase four: target acquisition, begun.

Only phase five: delivery, remains untouched.


(Yes, I've been hanging around FLEET too much.)
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