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The details. (Some of them.)
So... it all began... well, it all began when the whole thing was planned, and it probably began at bc '02 where I met fishy, or maybe when I started reading CRfh... But the trip began when I got into the car and headed for Salt Lake City, in a blizzard, with my mother driving. I feared for my life, and for arrving on time, the whole way there. She drove like a snail, clutching the wheel in terror the entire time.

Anyhow, I made it on time, and the flight was only delayed half an hour for de-icing. So off I went, with my carry-on bags and a large tiger in tow. I got many comments on the tiger, which was a stuffed one and not a real one. (Present for fishy. The family-safe present that was covering for the /other/ present I got him. He he.)

Dleayed again in Denver, where I managed to lose the bell that I'd put on the tiger's collar. Ah well. Then at last I arrived at Atlanta, where fishy and his family (including grandparents,) met me. Hugs all around, and then we piled into the family van for the trip back. I spent most of it half-asleep on fishy's lap. Mmmmmmpurrrr.

The two weeks... well, a lot happened, but most of it consisted of "We went to such and such a town, and saw the sights, we came home, we snuggled lots." The highlights included a trip to the Smoky Mountain Knife works, the largest sharp and pointy store in the US, and possibly the world. Very shiny nifty!

I only got a nifty dagger-looking pocket knife there though. The big sharp and pointy was acquired later on, at a place called China Bazzare, which had far fewer knives, but actually a larger selection of swords. I got a gorgeous short sword, for once something proportioned to me! (My other sword is far too big for me to comfortably use.)

Another high point was beating the original Zelda again, and discovering that I still remembered almost everything from playing it back when it first came out.

Sadly, eventually it came to an end and we piled back in the van to return to Atlanta. The trip down was uneventful. (Though we stopped at the best little deli place. Mmmmmm...) I got on the plane with just in time, after a sniffly goodbye.

Flight there was boring. I napped and read my new Dan Brown book a bit. Things got interesting, however, after I reached Denver. I checked my departing flight, got some food, and settled in the read to pass the time, since I had a three hour layover. About two hours later, a stewardess type came over (right when the book was getting really interesting!) and asked where I was flying to. I took a look around, and realized that I was the only person in that part of the airport. When I told her Salt Lake, she said the flight had been cancelled. I'd been so deep into the book that I'd missed the announcement.

This turned out to be a good thing, however. Taking pity on me for being now doomed to the back of the loooooong line of people rebooking flights, the stewardess type said she'd help me right there. She not only got me on the first flight out the next day, she also got me into a hotel for free. Which apparently that particular airline doesn't normally do.

So I stayed the night in Denver and flew out to Salt Lake City bright and early the next morning.

Then I spent that whole day, upon reaching home, cleaning our old house, which we'd been renting. Bah. And today I've been unpacking all my stuff, which, as it involves hauling it up from the basement, isn't exactly restful. Though having my books again is nifty!

Anyhow... now I just need about a week to sleep. *yawn*