January 20th, 2004


The USS. Enterprise

Today I begun building a model ship that I've had for quite some time, and just never had anywhere to spread out the parts. But now that I'm in the new house, there is lots of room.

Fortunately the instructions are illustrated, becuase the model is Japanese, and the translations of the instructions are terrible! Terrible, terrible, terrible! The most amusing part, though, is that they translated the aircraft names from the Japanese, rather than just looking up the correct English names. Some things, well, let us just say that some things got a bit garbled in the translation. Here are the translated names. Lets see how many of you can match them up with the actual aircraft, just for fun. I expect you FLEET types to all get this! *grin* (And yeah, they did get some of them right. But the rest!)

Pirate of northern Europe
Giant wasp
Cross army soldier
Dark eagle
F-14 tomcat
Hauk eye

Also, they "Suggest all kinds of warplane be pained with silver grey or charming color." What charming color is, I have no idea.
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