January 31st, 2004


FLEET is everywhere...

So last night I had oddest dream. I dreampt that I was at Boardie Con '04, but that instead of a hotel, it was being held at some cabin in the woods, and the cabin was a little bit creepy, and the woods were even creepier. Everyone was arriving, and there were lots of people I didn't know.

I was out in a field by the front of the cabin, and I wanted to go inside, becuase JJ and fishy were there, but for some reason I didn't. Part of the dram was that Loweko was able to make it there, and for some reason he had taken up the hobby of jewelry making, and he came out and gave me this neat nexklace, but it was really complicated, and I couldnt' figur eout how to get it on. So I finally went inside to ask him how to put it on, and he had to show me. And then he went back to making other stuff, sitting there, and for some reason he had a girlfriend sitting next to him, and I think it was Jen, thought I'm not quite sure.

So the next thing that happened was that JJ came out with a bunch of T-shirt FLEET uniforms, the way they have t-shirt tuxedos, and I got one, and put it on, and the two of us went for a walk, but for some reason JJ decided he wanted to carry me, and so we were going through this creepy forest, and we heded down a hill and there was this really freaky river at the bottom, and I was terrified that JJ would drop me and I'll roll right into the river, so I was holding on for dear life, only at the same time I knew he would never drop me.

Eventually JJ noticed the creepy river and he was like "Whoah, that's really creepy, we should go back up the hill." And he put me down and the two of us ran through the forest up the hill to the cabin, and then my mom stuck her head in the door and said "It's one o'clock, what are you doing still in bed?" and the dream was over. Silly mother.

Apparently I've been spending too much time in IRC... especially around FLEET types...
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