February 9th, 2004


Ups and downs

Rolercoastering seems to be the story of my life just now. Well, at least I have hormones as an excuse at the moment. What I'll blame it on if I'm still like this in a couple of days, I don't know.

Anyhow, sorry about last night, anybody I didn't say goodbye to, or who went looking for me after I left and couldn't find me. My Mom is on a siritual kick right now. Mostly this isn't a bad thing, (Picture of Christ in my room is going to be "Master, the Tempest," which is a really good depiction of just before Christ calms the storm.) But she's also decided that just chatting and messing about on the net isn't a Sunday activity. Soooooooo... I forgot, and had to bail out suddenly when I was reminded of this.

Anyhow, no more me on Sundays, I'm afraid.

In more pleasant news, today has been a good day, other than being a touch sleep-deprived still. But I took a nap, and during the nap I had a weird dream. I dreampt that I woke up and went back to work early (I do have to go back in a few minutes for a staff meeting.) But because I went early there was some special party going on, nevermind that it's closed right now, really. And Christoper was there, and since I was early I didn't have to work, so the two of us were sitting in the art garden, and I was doing something like an online quiz, only on paper. I was getting frustrated with the quiz, but otherwise it was really nice. And then we went in to story time and listened to Grama Sophie read a story. Grandma Sopie is this thing we have at work. She's a couch made to look like you're sitting in this huge lady's lap, and frankly she has a blank stare that always seems a bit creepy to me. She 'reads' by playing a recording of somebody reading a story, only in the dram she was kinda semi-alive, and was totally creeping me out.
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