February 29th, 2004



Well, I should know better than to trust my brain when I've been told something at a ridiculous time in the morning. Mom had told me about Grandma dying when we got up early for scripture study, and I was pretty well asleep at the time.

Turns out it's /Mom's/ grandma who died. But when Mom says "Grandma Fish has passed away," how am I supposed to know it's her Grandma Fish, and not mine?

Still sad... but aso so strange. Suddenly the person I thought was gone is here after all. It makes me wonder how long she has. She /is/ quite sick... *sighs* It feels so strange.

And also odd to think of Great Grandma as gone. She was a health nut before there was really such a thing as a health nut. She's always been in perfect health. But she /was/ in her late niney's, so I guess it's not that unexpected.
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