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I love my job. For one thing, I got another nifty collage made today. And for another it's just an interesting place to work.

For instance... we just put up this new American Heroes exhibit. It has a section where you can put up a little certificate honoring your own personal heroes. (The person nominted can turn up and claim one free pass to Treehouse so they can come in and see their certificate.) More than half of them are dedicated to Mom, the patrons of Treehouse being who they are. (Little squirts.) But a few of the other entries are amusing.

For example, God can now get a free Treehouse pass.

As can "Amy Man" and "Cop," and some kid's dog, though we don't actually allow dogs in, so maybe not.

But the best one is dedicated to "My big brother Mikey." The reason stated for his nomination as a Treehouse hero? "He's strong and all the girls like him." *snicker*