March 16th, 2004


Happy poingy me!

So I went to the gymn today. I've been going on a semi-regular basis for a couple of weeks now, and I've finally gotten the hang of how to schedule it relative to my meals so I don't have a blood sugar low while I'm there. (This happened the first two times, and was not a happy thing at all.) Working out is nifty, even though admittedly I'm not getting my money's worth half the time becuase I just walk on the treadmill a lot and I could just go for a walk. Then again, when I'm walking I zone out, usually plotting my latest story writing attempt, and I slow down graudally. A treadmill lets me zone out and still keep the pace. This is actually very handy. For one, I wouldn't have made any real progress on Loweko's story if I hadn't gone to the gym, since it was on the treadmill that I finally came up with what I wanted to do with that thing.

Anyhow, today I went to the sauna and pool thing too, which is spiffy. Steam room, hot tub, nice cold pool... the only time I really appreciate cold water is after steaming myself half to death. Mmmmmmmm....
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