March 27th, 2004


Dinner Date

Welcome to A Really Nice Restraunt.

Main course:
Beef (It's what's for dinner)
Moo Meat, Old Bessie out back (takes a little time, we prepare for you)
Burnt offerings.

Side Dishes:
Augrautin potatoes
Mr. Potatohead with cheese
Mrs. Potatohead with ceese (accessories not included)
Starch circles with molten lactate of hoofed mammal

Broccoli with cheese
Mini trees with ceesy stuff
Green stuff with yellow stuff
Garden surprise with cow surprise

Clasic garden salad. (We reccomend this for those of you who are in good health and wish to remain so)
Tree leaves
Shredded paper we painted green
Shredded paper we didn't paint green

Kiwi strawberry bubbly stuff
Moo Juice (expired last week)
Ketchup (1969, not a good year)
Strained kidney bean juice (don't ask)

We would like to thank our mothers for the preparation of this meal.

Special thanks to Bessie the Cow.

(Taken from the menu used for my sister's prom date dinner, which was served at our house this evening.)
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