April 9th, 2004



Just realized that I haven't posed anything for a bit, so I'm sharing project news. *grins* I think I'm the worst person I know for starting projects. Though this is also due to the current situation I'm in, namely not in school, since school saps my creativity for use in assignments.

Current projects under way list: (The ones I can remember, anyhow. Brain like a sieve these days.)

Operation Loud Hawaiian Shirt is still under way, and going well. (Mailed out something for that today. And no, you still don't have a high enough clearance for details. Details will be released to the public at Boardie Con, or shortly thereafter.)

Drawings are mostly stalled. I only draw at work these days, and most of my current commission and owed art load can't be done there off the top of my head. But I really do promise to get the actual comission work done. Swap work... well, poke me lots.

As far as art things to do at work goes, "The Admiral in the Hat" shall kick off next week, assuming we're not madly busy all week long. FLEET children's stories, ala Dr. Suess. *evil grin.* It shall be most amusing. And yes, all right, I confess. It's starring Loweko. Other characters to be determined.

Writing is once again under way, if bit slowly. Loweko's tale may be done in two weeks or so. JJ's... well, that's probably next, at least a bit more of it, and of course I need to get going on Singularity, since once I run out of short stories over at Blood and Fire I'll have to start posting that, and I want at least six or seven chapters' lead time by then. (I have four now.)

Other random stuff... The plants live! And the shamrocks are actually growing better than anything else now. I'm thining of thinning them, just to have an excuse to eat a few. Mmmmmmmm... Parsley, catnip and thyme are all too tiny to harvest anything from yet. Ah well. And the aloe-vera in my bathroom is turning white, because it never sees the sun. But it's too big to fit on the windowsill, so I don't know what I can do about that.

And the most fun and intersting of the current crop of projects is what has been dubbed (and not by me!) Live Fur. I'm making pawgloves! Complete with fingerpads and claws and everything. To go with the ears and tail I have already. I am almost done sewing one glove, and it's not as hard as I'd feared. So nifty! Once those are done I plan on making feet, and then a mask, which will complete the Flame Song outfit.

And all of this, saving the at work project, gets to go on hold next week because I, nut that I am, agreed to work two double shifts, plus the double shift I usually work, plus a shift on Saturday. So when I normally work 5 days and 6 shifts in a week, I'm now working 6 days and 9 shifts, plus the monthly staff meeting. Yikes! Going to be much wealthier, but also much more frazzled, by the end of next week.

So that's my news. Yay.
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