May 1st, 2004


Having a Ball

The Fairy Tale Ball was a success. I, of course, did the art project for the evening, which was mask making, as the ball was a masquerade. Hosted by Beauty and the Beast, whose costumes were amazing, may I say. Though the Beast disappointed me in one thing... when he turned back into the handsome prince, he didn't kiss Beauty. (Possibly the fact that the gal playing Beauty's actual boyfriend was standing just a bit away watching deterred him...)

Anyhow, it was great, and the gryphon outfit was a real hit. (Though one very, very small child told me that I must be the Big Bad Wolf. He he he. I told her that wolves don't usually have wings.) I got many, many compliments on the outfit, and Lynne, the director, said that she was thinking of having me make some of the Treehouse costumes in the future. Then Wes, the theater director, said the same thing. Good thing I like costuming. At least so far...

It also proved to be quite comfortable, though the wings were the usual problem. They're losing feathers again, but I can't help but sometimes let them bump into things. I'm considering some alternatives, and may be making a pair of wings for the costume once I figure out how to do it. These have been too much used. The tail needs some fixing too, as it was a hair too long and dragged a bit.

But still, all was well. It was a loooooong night though, so I'll be headed off to bed shortly.
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