May 4th, 2004



I just spent /three hours/ combing the net for fur fabric. Argh! I cannot find what I really want anywhere /near/ my price range. I know that somewhere there must exsist a 3 inch pile white fur fabric that isn't curly, grizzly, razzle, color-tipped, or anything but plain, straight white, for less than $30 a yard. There must be such a thing! But damned if I can find is. *hissss*
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So, I think I can official add costuming (or more precisely, fursuiting,) to the list of things that I am occasionally obsessed with. The rest of the list, in no particular order, is: reading, art, writing, bondage, and religion.

Yeah, I'm weird.

Anyhow, I was late getting on-line tonight because I was sewing a surcoat for my gryphon outfit, so I won't have to borrow one from work. It's blue, and is all done now except putting the device on it. I'm going now to poke about and see if I can get some kind a pre-made heraldic look patches to sew on, or if I'll have to resort to iron-on transfers again...
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