May 13th, 2004



I hate financial stress. I want to have enough money that I don't have to count pennies!

I also hate AOL, now extra muchly because they're billing me! And I don't have AOL! Gah!

I can only come up with a mild dislike of delphi forums, who are also billing me, but I did at least have a paid account with them, and they don't seem to have noticed I cancelled it. Bah.

I also am mildly annoyed at my wings project... I was hoping it would turn out perfect and I could get a bit of financial assistance by auctioning off another pair, but this one is having problems, and if I can't get it to work right I can't, in good concience, charge somebody a ton to make another set. *sigh* Still, I think I know how I can fix it. *crosses fingers*

Anybody have a hundred or so they can spare for a set of rather nice looking fake feathered wings? (Though if I actually do this, I'll be putting it on furbid. Furs are into that kind of thing.)
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