May 26th, 2004



So I read a newspaper article about this thing called google-bombing. What is it? Well, for those of you who don't know already, it's when you get a whole lot of people to scatter a certain word all over their sites, and then link to one specific site. Since google uses links to find sites, this method will cause the linked-to site to turn up whenever the chosen word is entered as a search. Get enough people to link enough and you can force it to be the top result. *grins*

The word "waffles" now gets you politician John Kerry's website as the first result, which doesn't actually contain the word "waffles" at all. It also now gives you a link up at the top about the google-bombing prank that resulted in this. *chuckles*

Anyhow, I find this vastly amusing. I think it would be fun for all of my LJ friends to google-bomb something odd. Somebody suggest a suitable site, and a fairly obscure word, (defenestration comes to mind) and see if we can...

In other news... less than two days until I set off for CONduit! Heeeeeeee! And my firecat costume is now complete. (The ears are spiffy! Though it's far from perfect. A Mark II version will probably be made eventually.) As is my gryphon outfit, including the heraldic gryphon in my surcoat, which I ended up having to paint on by hand. Coudn't afford embroidery, and the computer lab is closed so I coudln't do the iron-on thing. But apparently painting is more authentic anyhow, or so I'm told.
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