May 31st, 2004



I return from CONduit. Much fun was had. Oh yes. Long, detailed post will be written later for those who care. For those who'd rather not read a lenghty ramble I will sum up.

Costumes are no longer a mild obsession. Having my very first costume ever win the contest for my level, and then getting stopped by random people saying "wow, that's so cool, can I take a picture?" has motivated me to raise it to a severe obsession. You're all going to be hearing a lot out of me about costumes. The only reason it won't totally eat my LJ is that I'll be posting a lot of them to the fursuiters group instead of my own journal.

Oh, and I've hooked up with some people who want furry outfits for LARPing. There's a local group whose system has felinoids and were-wolves, and lots of people play them.

Other highlights include the great accomplishment of managing to carve an ikan seal at the workshop while wearing paw gloves, and learning how to make chain mail, starting with raw wire. Plus there was the Midieval Mayhem panel. "Weapons of Mass distruction in the Middle Ages." Bwa ha ha ha. Trebuchets are nifty. Oh, and seeing my boss compete in the Monster in an Hour drawing contest was fun too. He he he.
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