June 10th, 2004


Rain, sexyness, etc...

I went rollerblading for just a bit today. When I stepped out of the house with blades in hand I... well, I'd say earperked, only it was more like noseperked or something. I smelled rain!

Now I discovered that rain doesn't all smell the same. Rain in Ireland, for example, smells like nothing, because the whole country already smells damp, and there's no lightning. But desert rain smells wonderful, all ozone and hot sand and dampness and *purrrrrrrrrrr* And the wind blowing, and the rain is almost warm... it was very nice, so I dind't mind that I got wet while rollerblading.

Also, among today's experiences, was the conclusion that sexyness does indeed sell stuff. Witness my furbid auction attempts. The non-sexy picture auction sold nothing, and there's a bidding war going on right now on my current sexy picture auction.

Memo to me: always try and look sexy when taking pictures for furbid stuff.
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