June 26th, 2004



It's the attack of the angst! My LJ friends list today is chock full of angst. So is IRC. Joy. Of course the angst got me yesterday, so I'm not one to talk. But still! Gah.
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I love my work!

The theater director at work today told me that they're thinking of doing the Bremen Town Musicians for part of our big Halloween event, and they want me to do the costumes. He he! He also said that even if they don't do it for Halloween, they will eventually.

So now I'm planning a set. A cat, a dog, a donkey, and a rooster, all to look rather countryfied. This should be fun and interesting, to say the least. Though he said something about "using the cat outfit I already have," which means my firecat. *giggles* Firstly, she doesn't look a thing like a housecat, and secondly, let Treehouse have my costume? Let anybody buy myself wear that one? Not in a million years! They could have my gryphon if they wanted, but not my firecat. Besides, nobody but me would fit it anyhow. I'm too small...

I so love my work. He he hehe.
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