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Bah I say
Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is I'm having oodles of costuming fun. (Yay for furry stuff!) Got the stage one go-ahead on my Bremen Town Musicians for work, doing a set of ears and tails to sell off around Halloween, and found nifty, fun, cheap yet good wolf fur at Wal Mart. Huzzah!

The bad news, however, is pretty bad. My lap top is showing symptoms of oncoming decline. It's secondhand and not at all new, and the floppy disk drive just died. I could replace it, but that would cost about as much as the thing is worth right now. So I'm not going to. I'm starting saving up to get a new one, and meanwhile I'm praying very hard that I'll find a way to get everything off of this one. I'm hoping that it was some kind of glitch and that if I turn it off and let it rest some more it may work. *corsses fingers* I /think/ I've backed up all my stories, but I'm not 100% certain... And losing one just now would be bad.

Any suggestions on retrieval, anybody?

yet again...
I hate mood swings.

Somebody just put me out of my misery now?

Sorry... the angst is getting away with me. Gah. I should just delete this. I hate "poor me" posts. Meh, posting it anyhow.

Oh, while I'm having mood swings, I'll spend a moment being money-grubbing (since being broke is, in fact, part of the reason for all the angst) and link to my silly auction.


Pass the link along, for amusement value, if for nothing else.