September 3rd, 2004



There's a rather spiffy internet organization know at It's a way to meet people that share the same interests, but in a non-thretening kind of way. Rather clever, really. And long overdue. (Though there /are/ similar things I know, but none this well organized!)

I've been a member of the furry community, SLC area, for some time, but the group is small and we've still never had an actual meetup. This will change on Tuesday, and I'm quite looking forward to it.

But the big, shiny, nifty thing about meetup is that I've ended up in charge of our group. Officially! I have a whole set of organizer's menu options where I can mess with things. It's shiny! Heeeeeeeeee! And it's the kind of responsability that I can actually handle. (Unlike some things. If Lynne ever makes me a floor manager at work, for example, I'm going to resign or something...)

So yay! I have power!
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