September 7th, 2004



A piece of advice for you all. Never, ever, ever, sit down to cut fur for something when you're in a hurry. You'll end up spending more time fixing the mistakes you made than if you'd taken your time.

Yeah. So I'm making the paw gloves for my YinWolf costume, for Halloween, and yeah. I wanted them at least to a wearable point by Tuesday (tomorrow, or technically today I guess,) because of the furmeet. So I rushed cutting them out. Bad move. I made them too small, so I had to piece in extra fur. Furtunately the seams don't really show, but still!

They turned out all right anyhow. No pawpads yet, but I cam wear 'em without. It'll just be harder to grip stuff. And the claws came out very, very nice. A few more things to tweak and they'll be perfect.

But man, I hate having to pick out seams.
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And I go to post the entry below to the fursuit lj community... and forget to select fursuit. And post it twice here instead. Oops.
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    Carbon Leaf - Wanderin' Around