September 8th, 2004


Fuzzy stuff

(Cross-posted from fursuiting LJ)

Went to my furries meetup last night, had lots of fun. One of the other furs was in a partial suit. Weirdest wolf suit I ever saw... but not badly made, just odd. It had a muzzle made out of formed, painted cardboard, with fur starting at the eyebrows and cheeks. Funky looking. And it was blue muzzled, grey furred, and painted with stripes almost like a skunk's.

The get together was fun, and the reactions to my YinWolf partial suit were great. The hostess at the restraunt we met at was fascinated with the suit. I ended up trying to explain what "furry" was to her. Not sure she quite got the concept though. Also, a bunch of drunken 40-somethings were highly amused by it, I got my tail petted by one of them, when I wasn't looking. And I got howled at who knows how many times. Fun!

I also got a message from the meetup folks. They said that a fursuiting meetup group was a good idea, and as organizer of the SLC furries group I could change our focus from just being furry to being fursuiters. Only out of the dozen people who came last night, only that one fellow suits, so it's not going to work. And sadly for any of you who liked the idea, they're not going to add fursuiting as a topic. Ah well...
Guess anybody who really wants to can go and make a new furry group, and then turn it into a fursuiting group, like they want me to.

Also, *poke* nobody's bid on two of my auctions. *pokepokepoke* <-- Small, kid size coyote, dog, wolf, canine thing set. <-- big fluffy fox set. <-- huge fat husky/wolf set.
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