November 3rd, 2005



Well, now that I'm no longer drowning in fursuit work, it's time to get OVA rolling again. Various plots are going down, various more plots need some work, and there's plenty of room for additional plot work.

Anybody who doesn't know about OVA, drop me a line, I'll give you the relevant details.

Anybody who wants in, also drop me a line, I'll point you at plotting central.

Artists, writers, and forgery experts are in particular demand just now. The only requirement is that you know JJ and are at least vaguely familiar with The Cows.

As always, if you know anybody who might like to get involved in making everyone's favorite jackal really paranoid, point 'em in my direction.

Mwa ha ha ha! (And yes, this is a public post on purpose. *grins evily*)

Also: I poke at Flax and SilverAdept. Report on the status of your projects, would you please?