January 9th, 2006


Spandex and hate.

Hand sewing spandex is a pain. A HUGE pain. Because, you see, the nature of spandex is such that when it is pulled tight, it shows the stitching at the seams. This is inevitable, but the closer your stitches are, the less they will show. So I'm taking millions of tiny little stiches. But showing less isn't not showing at all, so I also have to make them even. Minuscule, even stitches. Agh. Nightmare! Fortunately the whipstitch is the best one for spandex, and is also the fastest hand stitch out there, so I'm moving along, but still! Agh! If I had to hand-sew this whole spandex suit, I'd die of old age first. Good thing I only have to hand sew a select few bits.
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