May 4th, 2006



So a little bit before noon, the doorbell rings. I am still in bed, and still largely asleep, but the sound managed to penetrate my brain, and I had a little inner dialogue that went like this.

"Doorbell. I should get up and answer it, it's a doorbell."
"Meh, the only people who ring the doorbell are Christen's friends, she can answer it."
"She can't answer it, she's in school."
"Oh. Hey, if she's in school, so are her friends. That means it's somebody else."
"But the only other reason anybody would have to ring the doorbell when nobody but me is home is..."
"Oh, yeah, a delivery person, and the only package I'm expecting right now is..."

I then catapulted out of bed, suddenly very fully awake, and dressed in record time to scurry to the door. There to find a small box on the doorstep. It was addressed to me. And upon opening it, I did indeed find a Windstone figurine! It was indeed, as predicted, chipped a bit, but just in two spots, both of them very small.

Yayness! I wonder how easy it would be to match the paint color and touch it up?

(I need an icon for madly squeeing moments. I post a lot of them...)
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