May 5th, 2006


Moving sale

I may give e-bay another try with this stuff, but heck, I'll offer it here first. I'm clearing out old art items. And by that I don't mean pictures, they don't take up much space. I mean sculpture and weaving, mostly. So! The following items are for sale. Make me an offer, folks. (The ceramics are going to cost $$$ to ship, so you may only want those if you're local. But hey, if you want to pay the $$$ for me to pack them up in three rolls of bubble wrap so they'll live, go ahead!) As far as shipping goes, everything else can fit into a regular priority box, and is light, so I'm thinking the minimum $4.05 priority post cost is what you can pay. If you're cheap, and want it to go slower, you can pay the actual price for parcel post.

Anyhow, the stuff. I'm not lising prices on these. Make an offer. I may laugh. Everything here is hand made, and there's nothing I spent less than ten hours of solid work on, most if it took a lot more. Well, save the tripot. That thing didn't take long. But I may not laugh. I'm broke, money is money. Offer what you can spare to spend, and even if it's not much, I may take it. First come, first serve. I'll mark off stuff that's taken, but leave the pics up, because you all want to see my shiny art, right? Hand dyed table runner. I dyed the green, purple, and blue mixed fiber seen there all by my little self, then wove it on a loom. Man, I miss weaving. *sniffles* It's 7" wide and 37" long, not counting the fringe. It's double sided, done in a spiffy double weave that's just plain fun. Cotton and acrylic mixed. Hand wash cold. Double-sided, hand dyed, furry, phoenix wall hanging. This thing was the crowning glory of my weaving class. (It is most likely to get me laughing at a low offer.) I put probably 70 hours into this, with the dying and the weaving. I had to count out threads on every single line of it to get the pattern to work. The main, woven bit is 11 inches wide by 22 inches long, but the trailing fringe at the bottom is an additional 46 inches. Both sided are pictured here, along with a closeup of the side I personally like best. Washing is not reccomended, just take care of it. (If you must, hand wash very, very, very carefully.) "Chained dream of flight" jar. This is one of those ones where the picture just doesn't show it right. The semi-metallic finish keeps losing the details on the feathers. There are feathers there, I swear! It's 7 inches high, and 4 inches in diamter. Took me freaking forever to put the feathers on the wings. (The whole thing is a bird, the lip there at the top is meant to be a head and beak, blending back into wings, if you can't tell.) The chains around the base also took ages. Raku fired, not watertight, NOT microwave or dishwasher safe. Put your pens in it or something. Black, multi-textured scarf. Whee! This uses I think five kinds of yarn in five different weave patterns. It was also loom woven, not knitted or crocheted. So pretty! Three of the yarns used are fuzzy, yay! It's 6 inches wide and a whopping 93 inches long. That's more than 8 feet. Wash away, though I'd wash cold just to be safe. In fact, it's a little stiff from stretching on the loom, so washing it is a good idea.
Sold! Pink and blue cat mini-tapestry. It's a whole 9" X 11" and is woven with traditional tapestry methods. What else can I say about it? It's cute. (You don't want to know how long it took to make. You don't. How those massive tapestries you see get woven within a single person's lifetime, I will never know.) Not washable. Runner? Wall hanging? I don't know. Made from 100% wool (don't ask) in lovely, eye-searing colors that I decided to tone down with some white and black. Whee. Also, of course, hand-woven, but this one went a lot faster than any of the others. Hand wash cold. Dragon plate bracer. Made from copper. Currently slightly less shiny than pictured, it's starting to get a soft patina. Unless you are a child or a stick, this won't fit you. Even if it would fit you, you can't turn your wrist while wearing it. But it's still cool looking.
Sold! And a scale bracer. Real, armor quality steel scale mail. The fake leather backing isn't armor quality, but you can't have everything. Here's a nice closeup of a piece of that same scale weave for you. Adjustable lacing means it's one size fits all.

Also available: The tentacle mugs are mine but the teapot is up for grabs. And the tripot is as well. More raku. I love raku. I wish I were better at it.
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Found on an old customers_suck post, in describing members of a particularly rabid "Christian" group.

"Like Tourette's syndrome, except instead of profanity or tics they blurt out 'Praise Jesus!' at inappropriate moments."

(Also, I put "Christian" in quotes, because I don't care who you say is your God and your Savior, if you're hate-mongering, you're nothing of Christ. "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." Matthew 7:20 I am really starting to be ticked off and irritated by my supposed fellows. And perhaps it's a bit un-Christian of me myself to be so easily angered. But at least I'm not a holier-than-thou hypocrite.)

Boy, that went from "Heee" to "Hisssss" in about three seconds. Fun. Story of my life right now.
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