June 2nd, 2006


Too moderate for my own good, it seems.

I have a hard time taking a stand on a lot of issues. I have opinions, but... I see both sides of a lot of things, and I just don't care on a lot of other things. And it feels futile most of the time. I'm just me. I will never have a career in politics. If I make a huge difference, it will be on a individual basis, not on a larger level. And mostly I'm fine with that. Some people go out on grand ethical crusades, some people have to stay home and see to the more mundane stuff.

But when I do have an opinion, it's generally a pretty middle of the line one. And you know what that gets you these days? It gets you spat on by both sides, mostly.

Which is a big part of the reason why I don't usually discuss political issues. No matter who I'm talking to, we're going to disagree somewhere, and if I put it out in public, I have this paranoid certainty that I'm going to get flak from left and right.

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Apparently Yin gets to be spokesperson for the political arguments in my head... (Which is a whole 'nother topic there. I think I'm seeing both sides of things because I've got enough voices in there to have differing opinions on everything.)
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Today's mini painting

I finished up Alan Rhiannon, the Phoenix Child today. Wheee. Painting strips was a pain. I love how the face came out, but I need a smaller brush. *gasp!* Considering how small my current brush is, that's shocking, but they do make 'em in smaller sizes.

As always, photos suck. But you get the idea, anyhow.

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The TMIing

My tmi filter generally has kink, bondage and D/s stuff under it. I know that I've met some new folks since I last updated my tmi filter, so if anybody would like to be added, let me know. Requests may or may not be honored.

Oh, and no, there are no descriptions of scenes, or pornographic or even steamy material of any kind. Lately it's is mostly me making fun of the would-be Doms who contact me on collarme.com *snicker*
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