June 8th, 2006



The little bugger was right. I have the feeling he was right by accident, but that @#$@$# lion plush is not a copyrighted design.

*sighs* So I guess I don't get to turn him into the copyright police, I just shall send him back his plushes and call it over.
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The desert is apparently giving me a send-off. There is a marvelous thunderstorm going on right this very moment. Though it's not one of the really intense ones with the near continuous lighting, it will have to do. I went out and stood in it for a bit. Then it started really bucketing down and I ran for cover. *laughs*
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Wow, that was fast.

My Gryphons are here! I've already pulled out the green eyed one and started painting. *grins*
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Taking design suggestions.

So.... I have four gryphons. (Yes, I went and bought one of each eye color. I'm awful...) The green-eyed gryphon is spoken for, and will be painted in black, red, orange, and maybe a touch of gold.

I have remaining a red-eyed gryphon, an orange-eyed gryphon, and a blue-eyed gryphon.

What colors should I paint them? I may not paint all three for myself, I actually have thought of finding a gryphon community and offering a custom paint to some folks, or something, you know, to recoup my costs a bit... *grins* But eh, I'm still undecided.

So any ideas?
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Well, I hope Keith will forgive me for using his gryphon as something of a prototype... *chuckles* Anyhow, the colors came out nicely, the blendng and drybrushing worked well, and the only thing I'm not 100% happy with is the gloss coat. The next one I do might be matte. We'll see.

Anyhow, the moment you've all been waiting for... (er, well, probably not, but here we go anyway...)


Pretty, isn't he?
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