June 9th, 2006



I should change my little statement about this story having yaoi. David has developed a straightness of character I wasn't expecting, and he informed me that he wasn't going to stand for it.

Poor Aidan is feeling very let down. Though I am consoling him with the thought that at least he gets to ogle David all he wants.

And no, this doesn't mean that David is going to join the voices in my head. Even the plain old story characters occasionally insist on doing things differently, it's just much less common. (Flame also piped up on the subject of her cameo here, and that is getting entirely redone.) Writing is always interesting, for the wrangling and negotiations with the chracters, if for nothing else.
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So my dad is thinking of moving again. My mom is not pleased. It's the closest I've seen them to fighting in years. Part of the reason Dad wants to move is because of the house. If we sell this one at a profit and build another one, we'll be able to owe only a tiny bit, and pat it off quicky. But the other reason is because the Ogden City School District is being stupid.

Really, really, really stupid. Dad is a band teacher, and he's a very good one. Good enough, and dedicated enough that he won't stay in a school that's killing it's band program, and that's just with the school is about to do. They've come up with this brilliant idea that Ogden High, which currently has 9th through 12th grades in it, should have only 10th through 12th, and the 9th graders should go to the middle school. The middle school is already near capacity, so they're going to install portables so that the 9th graders will fit. Meanwhile Ogden High is HUGE, and is not at full capcity now! It will suddenly be half empty. And with a quarter of the students gone, a quarter of the classes will need to be cut, and you know what's going to go? Electives. Meaning that Dad will no longer have enough students to have three bands and two orchestras. Meaning, in fact, that Dad will have to teach math, or english, or something else, and that some of the electives teachers may have to leave the school entirely. And I know my Dad. He left Dixie High down south because the school wouldn't let him build a proper band program. If Ogden goes through with this, he's not going to teach math, he's going to leave and go elsewhere.

And here's the really lovely bit. The reason why they want this change? A small group of parents pitched it at the school very vocally, it's all the new wave, it's the best thing, they say. And it will keep our poor, innocent 9th grade girls away from those awful, predatory 12th grade boys! That's right. Some little 9th grade thing got knocked up by an older student, and now the parents are all in fear for their babies.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!
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Calling for song suggestions.

Right. So I'm doing this free trial music download thingy, and I have 14 days to swipe 50 songs, and then it expires and I have to pay money.

So I need some suggestions of music that I really shouldn't be without.

I like classical, classic rock, some alternative, some pop, a few country, a few inspirational, some new age, quite a lot of 80s, and, er... there's the problem, you see. Other than Hip-hop and rap I like at least some of most everything out there. So I need to get a few actual song and group suggestions.

Group-wise, if it helps, I love Pink Floyd, 5 for fighting, Aerosmith, the Beatles, John Williams, Cherie Call, Evanecense, and John Rutter. (Yeah...)


Well, I was late with Thursday's, I'll be early with Saturday's. New page of Blood Choice is up!

I'm also thinking of some ideas for good cover art. The current "cover" is an old Clan of the Lost Dragon adventure story cover, which I swiped because Aidan Rhiannon looks just like Aidan Darkagel, so it's close enough for now. But I really ought to have a better image. Don't know what, yet.
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Bladespark is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.


From Go-Quiz.com

See? See! What do I keep telling you? I'm NOT EDIBLE!
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