June 10th, 2006


Bwa ha ha ha!

I just got a channel "hacked." Heeeeeeeee. Yeah. So I have this IRC chanel that I used to use for plottings, before the plottings moved elsewhere. I still have it on my autojoin list, so I'm in there, usually, idling, but the registration has long, long ago expired. Today a lovely fellow by the name of TimeLord, some of you may know him, came into the chanel and reset the topic to something obscene, followed by "hacked by TimeLord." Hacked! Hacked! What kind of "hack" is it when you go into a unregistered, unprotected chanel and change the topic? Ooooo, a L33T HaXorz! You can find unregistered chans that are listed in the chanel list and have no protection on them whatsoever! Wow! Such mad SkillZ! I'm in awe!

*falls over and rolls around laughing.*

Man, that just made my day.
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I've just decided that Windstones are an investment item. *nods sagely*

Seriously though, so long as they're mint, they will only go up in value. The retired ones sell on e-bay for much, much more than they were new, and these paint your own gryphons are already retired. The regular production line will be slightly different from these ones, so once the initial batch, which is 400, I think was said, is gone, they're gone.

(*shiftyeyes* No, I didn't just go buy two more of them. Of course not. Why are you looking at me like that?)

Hrm......... hrm, hrm, hrm.

I have the weird and wild idea of having Blood and Fire printed by a small press. It would be pricy, but not prohibitavely so. I'd want to get it edited by a halfway decent editor first though, and also have some decent cover art done for it. But still... *files thought for later.*
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I think I found a cover artist for Blood and Fire. It was just one of the serendipity things. I was bored, and poking about various art gallieries, and lo! I found a fantasy illustrator whose style I love.

He price range seems to be within reach, and her style is just lovely. If anybody wants to go check it out, she's at http://littlecrow.deviantart.com/ She can draw people, fantasy stuff, backgrounds, ink, painting, digitial... very versatile gal, so I'm pretty sure she can handle a book cover.

Anyhow, I've dropped her a line with what I have in mind, and we'll see what comes of it.
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Well, I got the current paperwork sorted out. I think, in addition to the file box, I'm going to need just a plain old box to dump art in. I actually threw away a lot of the worst of it, but I can't throw out good art! And I did the accounts for the last few months, wrote a check to the state tax guys (ugh) and to the church (yay, finally!) and also tossed all my old catalogs and things. Oh, and I organized my mini painting stuff, since my sister and I went shopping, and bought each other birthday presents early today, so she got me a huge tacklebox organizer thingy. Ironically enough, the mini painting kit now has more space for stuff than the paint kit, the marker kit, or the pencil kit (which I must remember to get back from Christen, I don't want to leave it behind.) In fact I could probably put the complete contents of all three into it. It's nowhere near full of mini stuff yet, but I expect it will be eventually, especially as it's also getting the macro painting equipment for things like Windstones...

I still have to go through the really old paperwork and art and things, but that shouldn't be too scary. Moving is getting closer! (Also, thank heavens I can leave some things behind. I just can't bear to throw out my really big art, especially not the good stuff, but there's not going to be anywhere handy to put it all.) I packed the last of the fabric (14 boxes, aieee!) and now there's really not that much left, though given the nature of what remains, it will take a while. Paperwork, knick-knacks, clothing, electronics, and a few random things, that's all that's left to pack.
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www.emusic.com SUCKS. It sucks in a huge way. It sucks with a strength that would embarrass industrial vacuum cleaners. Seriously. They have NOTHING there that's good. More than 1,000,000 songs, they say! Sure, more than a million songs of SUCK!

Seriously, what kind of music service gives you NO results for Bare Naked Ladies, or REM, or Third Eye Blind, or Matchbox 20 or Evanescence, and has only ONE album of Pink Floyd, and that's The Wall! And no Beatles! No Aerosmith! How do you make money on a monthly subscription music site that has nothing but tribute bands, super obscure stuff, and kareoke music? (I'm not even kidding here...)

Okay, and they seem to have a decent selection of classical. Maybe I'll go snag all that Tchaikovsky, or something...
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