June 13th, 2006


And we have update!

Woot. I remembered to put up the next page of Blood Choice on time. Go me.

Also, my room is infested with largish spiders. Happily I'm only bothered by spiders if they get on me, or really startle me, but it's a bit weird to see a trio of spiders casually meandering across the ceiling overhead.
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There appears to be a wasp in my room. At 3 am! Augh! Wasp! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do I have a psycho night-owl wasp? Spiders I can happily co-exist with, but not wasps! And it's perched where I can't kill it... and even if it wasn't, eeeeeeee... if I try to kill it and miss it will get mad, and sting me. *whimpers and hides from the wasp.*

Edit: Do wasps get attracted to light like moths do? Because this one was trying to make sweet love to my light fixture. I only wish I had the kind a bug could get inside, so it would have fried itself. As is, I turned out the light here, and turned on the one in my bathroom, and lured it in there, and then shut the door and left the light on.

I really am not 100% sure it's a wasp, but I'm taking no chances. I only regret that our wasp killer spray informs me that it is highly toxic to humans too, and should not be used indoors, otherwise I'd go spritz that thing. I don't dare swat it though. It keeps perching on the ceiling, and I'm not sure I can even hit it, and if it is a wasp and I upset it... *meep*

But hopefully it will be content to attempt to romance the bathroom lights and leave me alone until tomorrow, when I can get Dad to kill it.

I don't have any fear of unagressive and harmless bugs. They're neat crawly things. Wasps are neat too, but also psychotic and very painful.
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Cutting ties...

Usually, when you talk about moving and cutting ties, you mean the ties to those you'll leave behind. But really most of my friends live elsewhere anyhow, and the few locals I can happily keep in touch with on line, though I'll miss being able to hang out with Keith and Realis.

But no, the tie cutting I'm referring to is the ties to my old art. I just now threw most of it out. It was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. But it was old and bad. I'll never be able to sell any of it. I'd never want to hang it on my wall. I care about it only because I made it, and I've kept most of it this long solely because it's easy enough to toss paper and a few canvasses in a giant folder and slide it under the bed. Only now it's grown to the point where I can't. There was too much of it, and some of it just had to go. I kept a couple of sentimental ones, (the very first firecat picture ever, the very first portrait of SPark,) because heck, even some bad art is worth keeping. And I kept a careful selection of the very best of it, mostly pretty recent stuff, though there are a few older pieces in there, even one or two of my high school pictures. And I'm keeping a lot of the so-so stuff that's small, because I can just shove it in a box, and if I threw it all out, I'd cry, or something. But the stack is now down to manageable proportions.

But boy was that hard to do. *cries* My beautiful pictures, all gone!
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Speaking of art...

One of the things I saved was the best of my prints. These are hand printed type prints, not computer prints. I took photos of 'em today. The photo quality isn't great, but the pictures themselves are nice. And these aren't print runs, they're print tests, which means that actually no two of them will look exactly alike, so the pics I'm putting up here are more like samples.

If anybody would like one of these prints, let me know! They're mostly on 18 X 12 paper. Some of the orientals are on rice paper, the others are on heavy BFK drawing paper.


(The story behind the sad dragon in the corner is kinda funny. I kept doing dragon prints in that class, and my teacher hated it. She thought they were kitch, and horrible, and so on. This was a bit hypocritical of her, as her favorite subject for print making was kittens, but I digress. Anyhow, this was my "you have rejected me, you hate dragons, woe!" print. The other fun one was the little book I made, which looks like it's nothing but abstract designs, but is actually full of dragons, if you can only spot them. Happily she was a good teacher, so even though we fought over subject matter, I fulfilled the assignments, and thus got an A in the class anyhow.)
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