June 14th, 2006



It's annoying how one tiny little thing can totally ruin your mood. Or two tiny things, in this case. Bleah.

Also? AT&T sucks.
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Pruning time.

Well, as some of you may have noticed, I'm moving. And since during the move all shall be chaos, and after the move I'm going to be sewing full time, I'm just no longer going to have time to keep up with the massive friends list of doom that I currently have.

But as there are some of you I really don't want to lose touch with, and only see via lj, this means I must continue to read my friends list.

Which, in turn, means that sadly it's time to prune things. Since I've gone public, those of you who are removed from the list will still be able to read pretty much everything I post, so don't worry about that. Basically, if I don't know you /well/ and talk to you regularly, I'll be removing you.

If you really want to make sure you don't get removed, you can comment here, but, as always, the actual results of such comments are at my discretion, etc.
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The current tally of junk:

(And what's really scary about this list is that this is the result of being relatively ruthless with what I threw away. It could have been a LOT worse. We took an entire car load, stuffed so full I had things on my lap, to the thrift store to donate.)

7 large tubs
2 little tubs
1 file box
1 organizer cabinet
1 small organizer box
2 wooden chests
3 suitcases
1 laundry basket filled with random stuff
2 big tackleboxes that didn't fit anywhere else
1 backpack
1 jumbo art portfolio
1 regular art portfoio
14 large boxes of fabric
I have no idea how many boxes of books. Lots. (They're little boxes, but stacked, they're taking up roughly a 2' X 2' X 4' cube.)
1 dufflebag
3 boxes of media and electronics (one of which isn't full yet, because my laptop is going in there.)
4 boxes of figurines and toys.
3 boxes of, er... stuff.
1 bookshelf, dissasembled (I did that all by my little self!)
1 bed, with box and mattress.
1 nightstand
1 dresser, almost forgot the dresser
Odds and ends that won't go in a box (giant tiger plush, big sketchboard, swords, sekrit plot elements, etc.)

That's everything I own in the world there. Well, except the trophies, the dolls, and a few ceramic pieces. I have no use for them and don't really want them, and yet absolutely cannot bear to throw them away. (Mind you, the dolls are on this list almost entirely because they were gifts from various people, some of whom are now departed, and so are nostalgic, and I think my mom would cry if I tossed them all. I'm not actually personally fond of any of 'em, I prefer stuffed animals.)

Oh, and one plotted plant. I'm not sure how the heck I'm going to manage moving that, but it's an aloe vera, so at least the move won't kill it. This is it's fourth or fifth house now, and it's been mostly under my care since sometime around 1995, and is still alive. That means it's totally unkillable.
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Un-funny truth

I nearly didn't pass this on. On the one hand, I'm sure that almost everybody who reads this knows about this already, at least in general, if not the specific details.

On the other, what if there's somebody who doesn't? Who has no idea whatsoever? Only a few years back I had no clue myself, and it wasn't until I got curious and started searching the web that I discovered these events. So....


This is about Scientologists. This is NOT mocking their beliefs. Although I find their faith system to be both suspect and strange, if they wish to believe it, they are more than welcome to, and I have no right whatsover to mock them for it. (Okay, admittedly I've given in to the urge once or twice. How can you resist poking fun at Xenu? But it wasn't good or nice of me to do so!) I believe a few things that others sometimes find strange, so I really don't have any excuse. But a belief system gives you no right to perpetuate a crime. Saying that your faith believes murder is OK doesn't make it OK for you to murder somebody. Religion is no excuse for harming others, ever.

I'm far from a perfect person, but that's one thing I try never to do. My faith is not an excuse. My faith should never NEED to be an excuse, and if it ever causes me to do something that harms another person, or harms myself, then something is wrong. And since I believe that, I pass this along. Just in case...
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Well, Keith should be here any minute now, and we'll be off to have ice cream, or something, and exchange birthday presents.

Fun times!
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