June 19th, 2006



I'm back, for a given value of "back." I'm in Oregon, at JJ's folks' place there, and am on their wireless on my laptop. I shall be keeping up with LJ and checking e-mails and forums, so I'm more or less on top of things.

Sometime before the end of the month, I shall hopefully have an apartment, and be able to work on projects. Though when we were putting things from the U-haul into the garage, I put the fur where it's at least possible to dig out, so if I decide I have to rush job the few tails I've got that need doing, I probably can. I think my organizer with the scissors and things is further back, though, now that I think about it. But I did grab the mini kit and the painting kit, and the box of blue-eyed Windstone gryphons, so for the next week at least I think I shall be occupying myself with painting. I have minis to finish, and I got a really, really, really cool idea for the color scheme of my next gryphon. *grin*
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