July 1st, 2006



Well, I did it. I beat Final Fantasy II for the first time ever.

Now this isn't to say I haven't played it before. I first played this game when it was brand, squeaky new, and was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen. I'd never played a real RPG with a plot before. (I don't quite think the original Zelda counts on that front.) I was impressed! I loved it! I was going to write a novel based on the plotline. (I was twelve, I think, or thirteen...) But our copy, sadly, was borrowed, and I had to compete with my brothers for Nintendo time, and thus I didn't finish the game before it had to be returned.

Many years later we finally got our own copy, but it had a glitch. Every so often, when you saved and came back, your saved game would be gone. *poof* Just like that. This was very frustrating. I got almost to the end three or four times, and finally gave up. The only way to beat it would be to play it through in one sitting, and that would be a massive marathon the likes of which I simply couldn't pull off. (I still had to compete for game time, for one thing.)

So there it stood until now. I'd played it many, many times. I was familiar with the characters and the plot, I knew everything, except how it ended! Now I've found out, and it was about what I expected. But fun anyhow. Whee! I have triumphed!

Now the problem is that I want to go on and play III, but there aren't any legal emulator versions out there, and I lack any actual gaming systems. Ah well.
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