July 3rd, 2006



Finding an apartment is taking forever! Moving in is going to take longer.

This is worrying me, because we're starting to eat into time I have scheduled for costuming! I'm going to start missing commission deadlines SOON if I don't get into an apartment. Mrf. This is bad, bad, bad, bad. I'm going to haul out some of the fur today, and do a bit of sewing, but there's no way I'm going to be able to really work on things here, I just don't have the space.


I really don't want to, but Mol, I may have to push your order back until BoardieCon, rather than finishing it this month. Which I really don't want to do. But I can't finish it this month if I don't even get to work on it until the end of the month, which is what it's starting to look like... Gah.
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The current list.

The list of stuff which is needing doing before August:

Black fox gloves
Fox tail with delrin spine
Fox tail and ear set
Pink fox tail and ear set
Tiger tail
Husky tail
Three sets dragon paws for Doran
One Sekrit project for Moltare
One full suit for Ren
Two sets of paws for German shepherd suit

This isn't an insane load for two months. But July has started, and I'm not anywhere near moving in and getting going yet. This is a completely insane load for just one month.

I'm going to get the tails out of the way this week, I hope. *crosses fingers and digs thorugh the pile of boxes in the garage.* But that still leaves two big costumes and six sets of paws. I guess I can work on the paws here too, though I can't get at my sculpey so I'll have to buy more, and I'm not sure where the heck all the pleather and non-fur fabrics went to...


Even now one boils on the stove. Today just got much, much better. Artichokes are the best food there is, except perhaps really, really high quality steak and equally high quality chocolate.

Also, I've cut and sewn two tails, and am halfway through a third. I have to go digging again to see if I have strapping and such for the tops, and stuffing too, though I know where that is. But I've at least made a dent in the heap.
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