July 5th, 2006



Great. I get up, I check my inbox, I have a complaint from a customer (same one as last time) about how long his tail is going to take. (Didn't he READ me response earlier? Sheesh.) And a note from a fabrics manufacturer that they cannot complete my order because they no longer make the fabric I want. (Another one! At least I don't use this stuff constantly, but still! Augh!) AND there's still no response from the person who won my Custom Painted Gryphon auction, which is starting to make me twitch.

And, of course, no responses have come yet about our apartment application, because there's been a weekend and a holiday, so they haven't even gotten around to looking at it yet.

*twitches some more.*
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The litany of woe

Maybe this will get it out of my system, or something. Here's the full list of things that are causing me stress just now.

1. No more MM rust fox fur.
2. No more blue scaled velour fabric.
3. The guy who bid on my gryphon hasn't contacted me after two days.
4. The guy who wants a delrin fox tail has bugged me about it two whole days after being told it would be TWO WEEKS, AUGH!
5. The german shepherd guy hasn't paid me a cent of the $550 remaining on his suit after initial down payment, and probably won't for months yet.
6. My e-bay auction for a full suit didn't get a single bid.
7. My waiting list is only two months long, and that's worrying.
8. I don't feel I can go recruit new customers, because I have no idea when I'll be moved in and able to start work again, so I can't give them firm dates.
9. No idea if I'll get this apartment I really want.
10. I am already missing deadlines because I didn't get an apartment right off.
11. No freaking privacy in this house. *cough*

Yeah... woe is me.

Also, 12. I keep getting LICKED by this loony jackal. Augh, canine drool!
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