July 6th, 2006


Looking up!

Well, I finally appear to have permanently sorted things out with the guy who wanted the delrin tail. (And the delrin has been ordered. Much as I wanted to wait until I have a premanent address to have stuff shipped to me, I finally decided I had to give in and just have things shipped here to JJ's. His parents are going to eye me funny but oh well.)

Also, I've been contacted by the guy who bought my gryphon, so that's good! And, of course, he wants the one color that I haven't got in metallics, so I'm going to be off in a bit to get paint. Wheee!

Tomorrow I get to bother the people who own the apartment I want, as they told is four business days on Friday when we turned in the application, so Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri. I'd leave it longer if I wasn't so eager to get in. But past experience has shown that leaving things in their court is a good way to have nothing at all happen.
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