July 10th, 2006


The company giveth, and the company taketh away.

Blessed be the name of the company.

So, yeah. They told us we could move in on Wednesday, then called back to tell us we have to wait for Friday. *twitch* I mean I'm thrilled that we have the place, and that we can move in, but I am itching to be there, to get my studio set up, and to be able to do some real work.

I know, I know, if I really wanted to I could rearrange my stuff in the garage so I can get at it, and do some work. But... mrf. I'm in the vacation mindset, because I'm staying at somebody else's house and not my own. I have been doing some painting, there's a gryphon with the base coat and the first few bits painted sitting here, and I've sewn up three tails, though they still need stuffing. But I just want my space! It's hard to work in somebody else's space, I need MY space.