July 17th, 2006


I can't use semagic right now,

I said to myself, and I was worried that I couldn't update my lj with today's events. But then I facepalmed and recalled that before I got into using a client, I did actually update regularly through the wepage. So here I am.

Anyhow, as you may have noticed from the title, I don't have internet access on my laptop just now. This is because I boxed up the power cords, headphones, and wireless card in preparation for finishing the move, only to end up not completing the move-in as planned because of fleas.

Fleas of DOOM! Well, okay the fleas are ordinary fleas, but it turns out that JJ has a violent allergic reaction to flea bites. It took a day or two of exposure for it to reach unbearable proportions, but as of now, his legs look a bit like really disgusting bubble wrap, because they are covered in swollen blisters of pus. Ick. (Photos shall be posted later.) Meanwhile I, saved by being very un-allergic, by always wearing socks and long pants, even indoors, and by apparently being not very tasty to fleas, have a small ring of tiny red dots around each ankle just above the socks.

We planned on spending today unpacking, and getting the rest of JJ's stuff over, as well as doing things like calling the gas company, and the internet company, and mailing off a few tails I've gotten payment for recently, but instead we spent it seeing the doctor for JJ's condition, trying to get in touch with the maintenance people from the property management company that runs the place, and finally fumigating the house. We're leaving it to "soak" overnight, though it really only needed a few hours, according to the instructions, but at this point we're in a "better safe than sorry" mode here, because if this doesn't kill them all, we're in trouble. With the reaction JJ has it's not safe for him to set foot inside an infested house, and this is our place, goshdarnit! Very annoying.

Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow they shall all be dead, and things can proceed as planned. But dang, getting this place is proving to be a real pain. Sheesh.

P.S. Getting told "I told you so" repeatedly by JJ's mother, who said early on that this apartment was dubious and we shouldn't take it, is really irking! Especially when she didn't like it because the windowsills were dusty and the fridge had dust bunnies. Which has nothing whatsoever to do with the condition of it having fleas! They're in the carpet, and were totally invisible until our moving in brought them out of dormancy, and carpet cleaning doesn't kill the eggs, so it's not like our pitching a fit over the dirt like she wanted us to do would have changed any of this. They'd have scrubbed the sills and vacuumed around the fridge, and we'd have had fleas just the same. (We're not even engaged yet, and I feel like I have a mother-in-law, augh.*)

*one more thing for the "We act like an old married couple" file, I guess.
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