July 21st, 2006


In today's news,

I sewed. Three tails got done today, and four tails boxed up to mail. (Somebody placed an order for something I happened to have in stock, I love it when that happens!) Must hit the mail first thing Monday if I can.

I also killed more fleas that got on me. We may end up flea bombing the place again. Or something. Just now it's staying at minor irritation levels, but still... (And those little b#$%#@*$ are really hard to kill! You squish them, but they don't squish.)

What else? Not much else, really. Can't pester MM about the fox fur, the sales gal who's doing the order isn't in on Fridays, so that also must wait for Monday. I'm still a bit "holycrap300yards!" about that, but much less so now that nearly 200 worth of 'em are paid for by other fursuit makers. Though there are still five people who said they wanted in who haven't paid, go figure... if they all come through I'm going to be left with a mere forty-five yards or so. Heck, I've got more fur than that in stock now, just not all in any one thing.

And Monday, glorious Monday, is the day I should have internet again, huzzah! (I dread to think the kinds of back messages that have piled up in some places... I've been checking everyting I remeber the URL to, but I'm on a lot of forums.)

What else? Oh, Doran, er.... when did you want those handpaws again? Because I think they're going to be too late, if they aren't already. I went to cut fabric today, and the plain velvet I got was the wrong color. Oops. I could swear in the store it was royal blue, but getting it home it looked more purple. Must go back and get the right color, but not today, maybe not tomorrow, and I may end up having to order it on line.

That's the story of everything right now. I was supposed to be moved into somewhere by the 7th at the latest, and it's the freaking 21st and I'm finally just now settled in. Bleah. So far behind it's not even funny, so now, though I just want to relax for a while and enjoy the independance, and having my very own space at last (even if it comes with fleas) I really need to buckle down and get cracking on things. I still have to order some of the supplies for two major projects, both due next month... (Ren, Mol, don't panic! I can do it! It will just be a scramble in spots.)

Anyhow, that's what's up.

Oh! I have a shiny new phone now that actually appears to work. Number shall be given out upon request, so ask if you want to give me a ring.

Drama advisory level orange!

I need more icons, so I can swipe the lj drama advisory ones.

But, in any case, I find it very amusing that even with only being on for a brief time each day to check the important stuff, I've still managed to get peripherally involved in drama. Go me!

Not that I expect this to be anything huge. For one thing, nobody on the "other side" thus far is anybody I give a fig about. The people I like and respect all appear to be coming down with similar opinions to mine. (That's the one thing that will get to me in such arguments, when I end up opposed to those I like.)

Anyhow, this shall be watched with interest for new develpments as much as I can watch it, given my once a day involvement.
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