August 10th, 2006



Just got a fursuit downpayment. My buffer of projects to do is now more than a month's worth again, huzzah! (Man, that was making me so nervous!) Already making up some design sketches and contemplating materials and fabrics for it. It's a really fun design too. Red and gold oriental dragon. Oriental dragons are, of course, totally awesome.
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I drew these on a bored day while visiting JJ in Chicago quite some time ago. I finally got my hands on his sktechbook again to scan them in. Looks like my new scanner doesn't like pencil much. I need to fuss with the settings some, I think. But you can see them well enough.

First, a little reference on firecats. The appearance of firecats has evolved a bit. I made them tundra critters in the first place without really putting serious thought into what that would mean. But for quite some time I've had the notion that although they're furred like a snow leopard, or siberian tiger, the basic body structure would be closer to that of a cheetah, because living in a flat environment, where they have to run to live, they need to be built for it. So all recent versions of firecats have been longer in the legs, and leaner in the torso. But you put the ridiculously thick fur they have on top of that, and they still don't look very lean. So just for fun, I drew a little reference. A male firecat with his full winter coat, and the same male firecat, shaved bald. Scrawny, isn't he?

And while I was thinking about firecats in their native habitat, I decided to draw up one of the herbivores of Sithia. Sitha version one was a nameless and boring world, but once again when I actually did some thinking, I came up with some fun stuff. The kind of place that results in things like firecats and Ssifith has to be a harsh kind of place, and so Sitha became a cold yet very volcanic hell world. And even the herbivores are pretty darned formidible. A young Siffith might manage to carry one of these off, if he was lucky, but those antlers aren't just for show, and the leap on back and bite neck trick that terrestrial felines favor doesn't work on this fellow.

And lastly some sillyness, that shows the proper scale between jackals and firecats, among other things.
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I have TROLL! Or rather, I have passive-aggressive troglodyte. I've been friended, you see, by a guy who serial friend people, tries to get them to friend him back, and then writes psycho, nutty, and scummily offensive type posts, but in such a way that they seem to be genuine, and just sits back and waits for people to freak out at him. Then he joins in the fun by posting anonymously on his own journal, and insults people nastily.

Isn't that nice? *waves cheerily at the troll*

If any of you get friended by this fellow, I suggest you just ban him.

I, of course, in my usual style, am trolling the troll back, with more or less his same methods, just to see what he'll do. I'll get out the banstick if it gets scary, but I suspect nothing much will come of this...
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