August 11th, 2006



Oh man. I just found lj's 404 message for the first time. There are several, and they make me giggle. They're metahumor! Meta stuff is spiffy.
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Somebody wants me to make a raver racoon fursuit to go with the raver racoon tail I made. Heee! Another possible commission, and a fun one to boot! I love my life!
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I just put together an "apocalypse" playlist, consisting solely of songs about the end of the world, death, and other evil type things. (The Imperial March, for example, got on there, and Green Day's "Holiday" which is about the currenty political idiocy, and I figure that qualifies as evil.)

Anyhow, the thing I find amusing is how much overlap there is between this list and my "upbeat" playlist of ridiculously cheerful music. Hee. I like cheerfully morbid music, it's awesome.
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